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Welcome to my blog! This is where I will post edits, k-fashion, pictures of yummy food, and a few thoughts from here and there. (All pictures do not belong to me, unless stated) Feel free to look around, and I hope you enjoy your stay~ (◠‿◠ ✿)

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Life is full of obstacles that you would never expect to encounter. Despite how much I regret the small mistakes that I have made this weekend that have negatively impacted me, I guess it’s best to just accept them as important lessons of upholding responsibility. Things happen for a reason, and I hope all these unfortunate occurrences did for the best.

Today was a good day. I’m a bit down, but I know I shouldn’t get upset over such small, mediocre things. At least everything turned out great - that’s what’s most important.

Today has been a really great day at work. I met one of my co-workers named June, and she is honestly such a homie. We talked for pretty much the whole shift and had so much in common. My morning was pretty bad and I felt nauseous from my cold, but right now… I feel really happy. Tonight’s one of those rare nights where I find happiness in the most simple things - turning on some nice, relaxing music, brewing a pot of tea, and just sitting back and enjoying life.